Exploring Peak Maps and TablesΒΆ

Table of functions and commands for Peak map inspection. For Mac Users alternative commands which do not involve right or middle mouse buttons are also given, which may be used by Windows and Linux users as well.

description   command
zoom   press right mouse button / or press CTRL+(left) mouse button and
in move right / up
out move left / down
reset press backspace key

move plot

along x-axis

  keep middle mouse button / or ALT+ (left) mouse button pressed and move mouse left / right
mass traces (only for peakmap explorer) extract chromatogram
  1. enter mz value and half mass window width w/2, press select button
  2. or: press c to copy value to mz field, modify w/2 if needed and press select button
undo press reset button
rt window select press CTRL key + left mouse button on bar and enlarge / reduce width by moving the mouse
zoom in press Space key
mass peaks show peak data move mouse, current peak is marked with a red dot, peak data is shown in the upper right corner of the plot
compare peaks press left mouse button and move mouse to select second mass peak data is in the upper right corner