FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does emzed stand for ?

emzed is the way germans pronounce the two letters m and z.

How can I process SRM/MRM data ?

We provide an example workflow srm_tool.py for exploring and target extraction of SRM/MRM data in the emzed_files/exampled_scripts folder which is located in your home directory. This folder is created when you start eMZed the first time.

What does postfix mean ?

In eMZed postfixes are strings which appear at the end of column names, in most cases a postfix has the form "__x", but even the empty string "" is a valid postfix. Postfixes are created by Table.join in order to ensure unique column names. Further the postfix identifies columns of common origin.

Which kind of tables can be handled by emzed.utils.integrate ?

In general you can pass any kind of eMZed table to emzed.utils.integrate. In order to apply peak integration you need column names which start with mzmin, mzmax, rtmin, rtmax and peakmap and share the same postfix (see quesiton no. 2).