emzed does not start up (anymore)

emzed on Windows does not show up after installation

You installed emzed without any error messages, the first invocation opened a console window indicating some more installation tasks, but afterwards emzed does not show up when ou start it ?

This is a known bug on some Windows machines and the following procedure should fix this:

Start cmd.exe (you can search for this with Windows search), a console window should open, then enter the following sequence of instructions:

cd emzed2
cd Scripts

Hopefully emzed starts now and for further invocations the entry in the start menu should work.

Fix broken emzed after update

We try hard to maintain a stable Windows Version of emzed but tracking all changes in 3rd party libraries is cumbersome and thus automating the installation and update process is difficult and will hardly never be perfect.

Often resetting all local configuration and package files helps.

This is the recommended procedure:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and change to the folder named %APPDATA% as you can see here:

  2. After pressing the Enter key the folder opens. Among the listed files and folders you should see:

    • .spyder2
    • emzed2
  3. Delete those two entries, make sure that they are fully removed !

  4. Start emzed, emzed should now re-install all needed 3rd party libraries.

  5. Hopefully emzed is fixed now.