How to get started


You want to see how it is to use easy emzed and what emzed offers? Have a look at our tutorials.

How to install

The easiest way to get started is to install emzed.spyder. During the first startup emzed.spyder will install the core library and emzed_gui automatically.

For windows users: - We offer an installer at - In case you get an error message indicating that vcruntime140_1.dll is missing, please install

For general installation instructions for Linux, MacOS X and Windows please check

Installation succeeded? Read our tutorials to learn how to use emzed.

emzed components

emzed consists of three base components:

  • the core library, also called emzed which offers of all functionalities which do not require a graphical user interface and as such can be used on head-less computing environments like stand-alone servers or high performance computing environments. The documentation is hosted at

  • the interactive inspection tools to visualize samples or peak lists are available within emzed_gui which serves as an add-on to the core library. Documentation can be found at

  • the integrated development environment emzed.spyder which offers an development environment tailored to emzed. Documentation is hosted at

As we wanted to avoid cluttering emzed with machine or application specific functionalities emzed offers an extension mechanism which is also intended to support community contributions.

Right now we offer an extension to wrap some selected algorithms from MZmine2.

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